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Lancashire Cleaning Company Celebrates 100 Successful Years

Leyland based Lixall Hygiene Services is celebrating 100 years of successful business marking the event with a number of customer promotions and commemorative events.

Formed way back in 1911, Lixall Hygiene Services, originally called The Sweepodust Company was a manufacturing company producing a product called Sweepodust which was a mixture of sand, sawdust and disinfectant which was sold to mainly factories as a cleaning product which was scattered on the floor prior to sweeping.

Although many changes have taken place over the last 100 years, Lixall has stayed true to its core offering of specialist cleaning services and products and never moved far away from its current Leyland home.

To help commemorate this historic milestone, Lixall has launched a brand new e-commerce website, www.lixall.co.uk , to ensure the company is still one of the UKs leading janitorial supply companies in another hundred year’s time. They have also launched a commemorative celebration logo, planted a commemorative tree at the current head office in Leyland and embarked on a 12 month customer promotional handing out fantastic prizes every month.

Lee Bailey, Lixall Hygiene Services said, "We are so proud of our history and to have survived and prospered for 100 years through so many economic changes shows the resilience of the company and the quality of the people behind the company. We hope the forward thinking and dynamic business approach of the current team will ensure Lixall is around to celebrate 200 years of history on 2111".

Date added: 27/07/2011