Washroom systems

Washroom systems will help to ensure that your facilities reflect your ethos and aspirations, enabling both customers and staff to have a pleasant washroom experience. More than this, use of systems in the washroom will help to deliver the lowest possible 'cost in use' for these important facilities, saving you money on your bottom line whilst maintaining a hygenic and healthy environment.

Washroom Systems deliver:

Self presenting paper

  • Ensuring staff don't have to 'fish around' for paper, with the resulting cross contamination

Large capacity within a smaller dispenser

  • Typically at least 3 times more than Bulk Pack
  • Reducing resource requirements through less 'filling time'
  • Preventing the issues involved with overfilling

A paper brake avoids 'over spinning' of the roll

  • Preventing paper wastage from over use
  • Eliminating contaminiation through exposed paper

A reserve roll that only drops down when the last sheet of the old roll has been used so there is no stub wastage

An unique locking system to prevent theft where necessary

  • Which can be disabled for areas where this is not an issue

And all this means:

  • Lower transport costs
  • Less need for warehousing
  • Less work in administration and handling goods
  • Less harmful emissions for the environment