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Browse our full range of educational favourites below, including all-purpose wipes, vinyl gloves, paper dispensers, chewing gum removers and more.

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    Here at Lixall, we can ensure your educational facility is as comfortable, clean, and hygienic as possible for your staff and students with our professional cleaning supplies for schools. An educational facility can be a place where bacteria can spread fast, and with recent events of the pandemic, now more than ever is a time to make investments into great quality school cleaning products. We can supply you with all the products you need for your facility such as all-purpose wipes, surface cleaner, bin bags, air freshener, floor gel, microfibre cloths and more.


    Why Cleaning your Education Facility is Important

    When people attend your nursery, school, college or university, every room is an opportunity of bacterial crossover and visual distaste, so maintaining the hygiene and appearance of the environment could affect future attendance of your establishment through word-of-mouth. There are a few reasons why you should use our school cleaning equipment and products:

    • Fewer germs – your educational facility is bound to get a lot of foot traffic, which means it accumulates dirt and germs very quickly and very easily. Lixall is a supplier of a broad range of cleaning equipment, so our products can ensure the cleanliness of all different spaces within the establishment.
    • Potential students’ parental perception – dirty rooms or corridors will have a negative impact on visitors, they may even rethink their child’s potential attendance of your facility if they feel your environment is unkept. Make sure your potential students and their parents know your establishment is as clean as it can be with our supplies and equipment.
    • Better for business – excellent aesthetics ensure a better first impression for your clients, if the inside of your building is stylish but you have rooms that are dirty or bathrooms with no toilet paper and broken dispensers, you are just doing your business a disservice. Everything needs to be up to standard for a better chance of a good, lasting impression and may secure future engagement with the client.


    Why Lixall?

    There are plenty of other companies that provide school hygiene products to stock your educational establishments, but we believe our products and services are second to none. We’ve been in business for over 100 years and our customers are our top priority. Our excellent team will offer you expert advice and fast delivery. We have an extensive product range of educational favourites, so you are bound to find everything that you need.

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