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    Lixall has an extensive range of commercial floor cleaning products which will help keep your floor sparkling clean.

    We’ve got everything you need in our floor care products range, we stock cleaning chemicals like degreasers and multi-purpose cleaners as well as mops, brushes, dust pans, sweepers, floor pads, vacuums, carpet machines, dry tub vacs, polish, wax and a variety of carpet care products. We truly have everything you need for fresh floors, browse our commercial floor cleaning products now.

    Making sure your floors stay clean is one of the most important things when maintaining your premises whether you own a hotel, restaurant, office, shop or anything else where visitors come in and out of your building. Dirty floors could leave a negative impression on your customers, no one wants to be forcing their feet off the floor due to it being sticky or slipping over from the greasiness.

    It’s of paramount importance that you use our floor cleaning chemicals, especially in areas like lobbies and corridors due to the high amount of foot traffic they receive – the floors become dirty extremely easily as visitors are coming in to your building and they’re transferring all the dirt from the ground outside right into your floors.  Our commercial floor cleaning products will make sure your floors get the treatment they need, whether you have hard tiles, wooden flooring or even carpet – we provide the floor care products you require.

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