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    Here at Lixall, we can make sure your commercial washroom is as comfortable and as clean and hygienic as possible for your guests with our washroom products, supplies and equipment. The washroom is the most important area you should keep hygienic – bacteria grows in warm and damp environments, your school, office and public washroom is the perfect home for bacteria, so it needs to be deep cleaned regularly. We can supply you with all the cleaning, hygiene products and supplies you need for your washroom including trade toilet cleaner, disinfectant, air fresheners, sanitiser, aerosols, soaps, shampoo, shower gel, paper rolls, hand towels and top-quality paper dispensers.

    Why Cleaning your Janitorial and Commercial Washroom is Important

    When guests visit your school, organisation or business, every room is leaving a lasting impression with them whilst they decide if they’re going to come back and if they’re going to leave a good or bad review. Hygiene is of the upmost importance to guests; everything should look and feel clean. There are a few reasons why you should use our commercial washroom supplies:

    • Fewer germs – your washroom is bound to get a lot of foot traffic, which means it accumulates dirt and germs very quickly and very easily. Lixall is a supplier of washroom equipment so our products can make sure your washroom is cleaned well.
    • Customer perception – a dirty washroom will have a negative impact on your customers, they might even be rethinking your business’ overall hygiene. A study by Harris Interactive found that 88% of people who visit restaurants believe the restroom reflects on the restaurant’s hygiene – this likely extends to hotels, b&bs, schools, offices and more. Make sure your customers know your commercial washroom is as clean as it can be with our supplies and equipment.
    • Better for business – excellent aesthetics means a better first impression for your customers, if the inside of your building is beautifully aesthetic and stylish but your washrooms are dirty, have run out of toilet paper and have broken dispensers then you’re just doing your business a disservice. Everything needs to be up to standard for a better chance of customers staying for longer and coming back regularly.

    Why Lixall?

    There are plenty of other washroom equipment suppliers to choose from to stock your commercial washrooms, however, we think our products and services are second to none. We’ve been in business for over 100 years and customers are our top priority. Our excellent team will offer you expert advice and fast delivery. We have an extensive product range of washroom cleaning products and equipment so you’re bound to find everything you need.

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