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    If you’re looking for wholesale catering supplies, then you’ve come to the right place. Lixall has a wide range of catering supplies and cleaning products available to order.

    Whether you’re looking for cloths, scourers, detergents, rinse aids, dishwashing aids, descalers, oven cleaners, degreasers, kitchen towels, disposable gloves or napkins, we can supply it to you. We have an extensive range of wholesale catering supplies and cleaning products to suit different businesses such as hotels, restaurants, B&Bs, takeaways, cafes, schools, bars, pubs, clubs and other places that serve food! 

    Our catering cleaning products are designed to remove the grease and grime from your kitchen area, it’s of the upmost importance to keep your kitchen clean and sanitised. Whether you own a small café or a massive restaurant, it’s crucial for you to keep any food handling area hygienic for health and safety reasons, many customers look at the hygiene rating of businesses before they visit to eat there. If you’ve got a low hygiene rating, it’s likely that many people will choose to go elsewhere. Customers want to know that they’re consuming food and handling cutlery that comes from a safe and hygienic kitchen. Our wholesale catering supplies and cleaning products make sure your food preparation areas are up to standard.

    Your customers could fall ill if they eat food from an unhygienic kitchen, leading to an uncomfortable situation and a bad reputation for your business.

    Ordering from Lixall ensures quality catering supplies & cleaning products along with friendly service and fast delivery. Here at Lixall, our customers come first and we work hard to meet their every requirement when it comes to wholesale catering supplies, whether they run a small or big business, we have everything they need. We’ve been in business for over 100 years supplying the hospitality and catering industry with cleaning products and supplies, so you can count on us. Browse our products and order online today!

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